LocalPeops empowers business owners both big and small to setup, run, and manage their own GPS-based geotargeting ads to drive more in-store visits or online sign-ups.

GPS-based location targeting leverages smartphone location data to deliver relevant ads to people based on the places they’ve visited. Location data is more powerful than both online search and browser history data when determining if a customer is most likely to want or benefit from your services.

And the best part? When someone visits your location after seeing your ad our systems record a satellite-verified visit. You can access your brick-and-mortar visitation data at anytime via our-self-serve reporting services.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3.


Set Your Location Radius

Enter your zip code and set your targeting radius to define your advertising area. Starting at 5 miles you can build a radius of influence for your business. Once set you can begin publishing your ads on smartphones and desktops within this region.


Pick Targeting Groups

Reach local Renters, Food-lovers, Luxury Shoppers, Golfers, Yoga moms, families and any consumer you can think of. Each demographic targeting set narrows your audience so that you’re only advertising to people in your area who are most likely to benefit from your services.


Upload Ads and Launch Campaign

Upload your ad creatives or have us make your ads. When your creatives are ready, simply upload them, launch your campaign and begin receiving GPS-verified in-store customer visits or sign-ups for your local or regional business.

How GPS-powered/Geotargeting Ads Work

There is a giant gap in advertising. Business owners struggle to find an effective means to advertise locally. Worse, they find it impossible to gauge their real return on investment. Other ad platforms like Google pit business owners against each other, creating bidding wars for top placement; meanwhile ultimately Facebook owns all your followers. You don’t own the relationship with your customers through the Facebook universe or the Google ad universe. Geotargeting empowers small business owners to reach interested consumers based on their physical location history, inside a fixed radius. It empowers you to know when targeted customers visit your location or signup for your services Online. You’re now in control of the relationship with your customers.

Online search history, and browser data is not truly indicative of purchase intent nor can it prequalify buyers. Location and smartphone GPS data reveals both buyer intent, and pre-qualification. For example, when someone walks into a retail location they are showing a higher degree of buyer’s intent. They could have shopped online, but instead came to a location to receive real-world experiential data. This consumer can be identified and targeted in places like yours based on GPS data, enabling you to reach them with ads on their devices. When they do come to your location the satellite pings us alerting us that a new visit has taken place. We make all this data available to you the business owner so you can gauge your ROI. Your ads appear in popular apps, games, and websites.

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